Are Makita LXT any good?

Who makes the smallest impact driver?

Bosch 12V Impact Driver PS42

Ridgid's 12v impact driver has the smallest overall footprint, though both the M12 Fuel impact driver and Surge have slightly smaller head lengths. Bosch takes the win for the lightest overall 12V impact driver, weighing just 2.1 pounds with its 2.0Ah battery.
Dec 26, 2019

What is Makita sub-compact?

18V LXT Sub-Compact Saw combines 12V handling with 18V run time and compatibility. ... The new XSH04 gives contractors a compact circular saw with the size and handling of a 12-volt tool, but with the run time and compatibility of 18 volt. It is ideal for a full range of cutting applications.Sep 5, 2018

What is the difference between a 1/4 and 1/2 impact driver?

Impact drivers will make short work of lag bolts or lag screws, up to an extent. A driver with a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch bit can be the better choice for smaller screws. A 1/2 inch impact driver or an impact wrench may actually deliver too much torque that the screws or bolts are quickly stripped, or worse, snapped.

Which impact driver has the most torque?

Our top pick is the DEWALT 20V Max XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench because it has 700 ft-lb of maximum fastening torque, 1,200 ft-lb of nut-busting torque, and a brushless motor that will extend its life. Choose from three speeds—0-400/1,200/1,900 rpm—depending on your needs.

What is LXT?

The LXT® System is the world's largest compatible cordless tool system powered by 18V slide-style batteries. Makita's purpose-built motors, battery technology, and enhanced communications work together to deliver unmatched power, speed, and run time.

What does LXT mean on Makita?

Makita's Lithium-ion tools have proved market winners and now Makita's expanded range offers a comprehensive, powerful and lightweight selection of professional tools to complete any job.

What's the difference between 10.8 V and 18V?

The new 10.8v model will generate 4,900 impacts per minute whilst the beefy 18v model will punch a 17mm hole into concrete. ... This new model has capacity to punch a 14mm hole into concrete; 10mm into steel and 13mm into timber.

What's the latest Makita impact driver?

MAKITA LAUNCHES 18V BRUSHLESS IMPACT DRIVER. Leading power tool manufacturer Makita has launched its new 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver, alongside a host of new tools, cleaners and accessories. The DTD171 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver delivers high-end performance in a compact and lightweight package.

Why are some Makita drills black?

What seems to be the differences here is that the Makita Black line is actually meant for contractors, where the White line was meant for the home improvement crowd. Yet, even though the White line was never really intended for contractors, I always seem to see more of them on the job than the teal tools.Nov 1, 2016

image-Are Makita LXT any good?
image-Are Makita LXT any good?

What is the difference between white and blue Makita drills?

The obvious difference is the color scheme with a bold white as the main color and black as the accent . This is boldly different here in the USA as the theme of Makita power tools is teal blue (fact: different color scheme).Sep 17, 2015


How much does a Makita impact driver cost?

  • (671) $15900 Makita1.5 Ah 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless 1/4 in. Impact Driver Kit Model# XDT11SY (61) $14900 Makita18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Cordless Impact Driver (Tool-Only) Model# XDT11Z (150) $9900 Makita40-Volt Max XGT Brushless Cordless 4-Speed Impact Driver Kit, 2.5Ah Model# GDT01D (2) $39900 Top Rated


What kind of battery does a Makita 18 volt cordless impact driver use?

  • Makita18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit (1.5Ah) Model# XDT18SY1B (92)


How much does a Makita 18-volt LXT cost?

  • Makita18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit (1.5Ah) Model# XDT18SY1B (92) $9900 $159.00 Save $60.00(38%)


What power tools does Makita make?

  • It is hoped that this review will help those individuals currently looking to purchase a new or replacement impact driver; a power tool that is continually growing in popularity. Another popular power tool that Makita manufacturers several models of are cordless drills.

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