Can I paint my drawer pulls?

How do you paint wooden drawer pulls?

Give the hardware a light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper and then wipe down well to remove all the dust. Sanding will give the wood/metal handles a little “tooth” so the primer and paint will adhere nicely. 4. Set up your painting area outdoors or in a well ventilated space.Dec 21, 2012

What kind of paint do you use on handles?

There are several kinds of spray paint you can choose from for this project. After doing some research, I️ settled on Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze. It claims to adhere to any surface and is a paint and primer combo.Jan 22, 2020

Can I paint my cabinet pulls?

Even old cabinet knobs, pulls and other hardware can be given a new look with fresh paint. ... Cabinet pulls, as well as the cabinet doors themselves, are easiest to paint when all hardware has been removed. On some old cabinets, however, you may not be able to remove the pulls.

How do you paint cabinet hardware hinges?

Painting Cabinet Hinges

Put on a respirator and spray a coat of metal primer on all the hinges, using an aerosol can. Let the primer dry for 30 minutes to an hour; then turn the hinges over — if you're painting both sides — and spray the other side. Spray the hinges again with metal enamel.

How do you paint plastic drawer pulls?

Plastic or composite drawer pulls require either a primer that is specially formulated to work with plastics and a compatible paint or a primer and paint combination made for plastics. Use self-etching paint on metals.

How do you paint brass drawer pulls?

Spray the primer onto each piece using smooth, even strokes until the entire pull is covered. Flip the pulls over after five to 10 minutes, or when the primer no longer seems tacky to the touch, to spray areas that may have been missed. Apply a second coat of primer if the brass is still visible.

Can I paint door handles?

Conclusion. You can spray paint a brass door handle almost any colour, and using any finish of paint, and have it look good.May 13, 2014

Can metal drawer pulls be painted?

  • Metal drawer pulls can be spray painted or painted by hand. Remove the drawer pulls and save the screws or fasteners in a small bowl or plastic bag unless you plan to replace them. Whether the pulls are metal, wood or ceramic, the preparation steps are basically the same.

Can you paint cabinet knobs?

  • Using Primer and Paint Apply an oil based primer to the knob or knobs you wish to paint. Allow the primer to dry. Apply an additional coat of primer if needed. Paint the knob using your chosen paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. Apply a clear varnish to the painted knob.

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image-Can I paint my drawer pulls?

How do you paint metal cabinets?

  • Steps Prepare the metal cabinet for painting. Select the paint you will use on the cabinet. Remove the drawers from the cabinet. Place the cabinet outdoors away from other objects. Shake the spray paint can and the primer well before applying. Prime the cabinet with a color coordinating primer. Apply the top coat of paint.


What is a drawer pull?

  • A drawer pull (wire pull or simply pull) is a handle to pull a drawer out of a chest of drawers, cabinet or other furniture piece.

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