Can I replace my own subfloor?

Can I replace my own subfloor?

If your subfloor is in need of replacement, the damaged portion will need to be completely cut out. This also requires the removal of all floor covering over the problem area as well as the accompanying underlayment materials. The process for this portion of the job will vary based on the type of flooring you have.

How much does it cost to replace plywood subfloor?

Cost to Replace, Repair or Install Subfloor

The average cost to replace or repair a plywood subfloor in a 306-square-foot room costs $550, or between $500 and $600. The average cost to install a new plywood subfloor is $620, or between $570 and $720.

Is it hard to replace a subfloor?

It's significantly more difficult than the original install. However, with the right tools and personnel it's about midway on the carpentry skills. If the subfloor has been glued to the joists then that increases the difficulty level tremendously.

Can you put new plywood over old subfloor?

Underlayment can also help protect the finished flooring from moisture, mold, and mildew. Plywood is a great underlayment to install over a subfloor. It is strong and durable and often very smooth without a lot of imperfections or knots.Jun 24, 2021

Can I put new subfloor over old subfloor?

One of the benefits of removing the old flooring is it allows you the chance to fix any loose subflooring or squeaks by re-securing the main subfloor to the floor joists prior to installing the new flooring. With all that being said though the answer is YES you can install New Wood Flooring over the old.

How thick should a subfloor be?

The minimum thickness of plywood for subflooring is about 5/8 inch. Since it does not hold fasteners as well as plywood, OSB must be a little thicker, or at least 23/32 inch. There are several factors that determine what subfloor thickness is optimal for added benefits like insulation.Nov 19, 2020

Does the subfloor go under walls?

Wall and Floor Basics

Subfloor: The subfloor is nailed to the top of the joist. Often 19/32-inch to 1 1/8-inch thick plywood or OSB, the subfloor might run continuously across the joist, or two sections of subfloor may meet on a joist. ... Bottom Wall Plate: The bottom wall plate is the bottom-most part of the wall.
Nov 11, 2021

How many layers of plywood do you need for a subfloor?

Actually you need 1 1/4 thick plywood for a subfloor but if you support it on one foot centers it will be strong enough for a good subfloor. If you don't have it supported properly you will get crack in you mortar or tiles you can't have the movement in the subfloor for tiles .

Do you nail or screw subfloor?

Ideally, nail down your subfloor using corrosion-resistant nails that will securely hold it in place and last a long time. Screws are a great alternative that you can easily remove, but they are not as sturdy. Screws are superior in terms of reducing floor squeaks, but the installation is slower.Sep 6, 2021

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What goes on top of subfloor?

Underlayment: Some types of flooring can be installed directly on top of the subfloor, such as vinyl flooring. Other types need a middle layer, called underlayment, such as laminate,carpet and tile.Jun 25, 2018


Do I need 2 layers of subfloor?

That's the usual approach. Almost no one puts down double-thick subfloor in residential applications (for cost and handling reasons), and both layers need to be fastened to joists. Only thin underlayment can be fastened just to the subfloor.Mar 11, 2021


How to lay a subfloor?

  • Use a T-square to mark the cut lines on the plywood.
  • Cut the plywood to size,running the circular saw across the width of the board.
  • Using the original sub-floor nails as a guide,mark the floor joist locations on the wall to know where to insert the screws.
  • Lay the plywood in place on the floor.


How much does subflooring cost?

  • The costs of installing a subfloor in new construction is typically based on the square footage of the home, but usually installing concrete subflooring averages around $2,400-$5,500 for a surface of 300 square feet.


How much does a subfloor cost?

  • The subfloor covering a new home addition basement foundation is in process of being built at a suburban residential in-law apartment construction building site. Subfloor installs cost anywhere between $8 to $18 per square foot . For repair and replacement prices see below.

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