Can you bond gas and water pipes together?

Do water pipes need bonding?

If the pipes are made of plastic, they do not need to be main bonded. If the incoming pipes are made of plastic, but the pipes within the electrical installation are made of metal, the main bonding must be carried out.

Where do you get water bonding?

Main Bonding (Earthing)

Connections are made on the metal pipes near the point at which they enter your home, i.e. The Main Bonding for the water is normally connected within 600mm of your Water Stop Tap.

Can you bond gas and water pipes together?

Depending on the route of the pipes, it would be permissible to bond the water pipe (at point of entry) as normal and then connect the gas pipe (at point of entry) to the water pipe at a convenient location; i.e. to use the water pipe as the bonding conductor for the gas. The other way round is not allowed.28 jun. 2017

Why do you have to bond water and gas pipes?

Protective bonding reduces the risk of life-threatening electric shocks and electrical fires in your home. It's typically needed in older buildings where gas and water pipes are made from metal rather than plastic.

Does gas piping need to be bonded?

Bonding is required to prevent a possible electric shock hazard for persons that may be in contact with the gas piping and other grounded metallic building components. A stock hazard can result if these systems are energized at different levels of electrical potential.19 okt. 2017

Should a gas pipe be earthed?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Gas Engineers

The main earth bonding for the gas pipe should be done after the gas meter in 10mm bonding and not more the 60cm or after 1st tee off. The cross bonding under the boiler should connect all pipework and be done in 4mm bonding.
24 jul. 2017

Is supplementary bonding still required?

Residual current devices (RCDs) - A sensitive switching device that trips a circuit when it finds an earth fault. ... You may need supplementary bonding for rooms containing a bath or shower, except where all circuits in the room are RCD protected and the main bonding is up to the required standard.

What size wire do you need to bond a gas line?

The bonding conductor must not be smaller than a 6 AWG copper wire or the equivalent size if made of aluminum. The means for attaching the bonding conductor to the grounding electrode system must be in accordance with NFPA 70. The bonding conductor must be not longer than 75 feet (22,860 MM).

What does it mean to bond a gas line?

To make it really simple, when metal that can carry electricity (but shouldn't) gets connected together to eliminate potential, we call it bonding. If the metal accidentally carries electricity or even a static charge, proper bonding will allow the electricity to be carried back to its source in a safe manner.26 sep. 2017

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Why does earth bond gas pipes?

Bonding is used to reduce the risk of electric shocks to anyone who may touch two separate metal parts when there is a fault somewhere in the supply of the electrical installation.


What is bonded gas pipe?

  • Gas piping is already bonded through the equipment grounding conductor. • Any metallic system can become energized by electric currents induced by an indirect lightning strike. • The gas piping does not fail from current flow, but from arcing (caused by a difference in voltage build-up) between other electrically conductive pathways.


Why is bond gas piping?

  • The reason for bonding the gas pipe is because some jobs use that flex gas pipe called CSST and when it is used that is when it needs to be bonded. You have to bond it by the manufactures instructions which is usually a #6 and larger.


What is CSST grounding?

  • What is CSST Grounding? Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) is generally recognized as a yellow, flexible gas line installed to gas fireplaces, gas stoves, and gas dryers. CSST has been installed in most homes with natural gas or propane service since the 1990s.


What is bonding a gas line?

  • bonding of gas line (Grounding A Gas Line) Is it required or if not required good practice to bond the natural gas piping in a home to ground. If so how should this be done and with what size conductor for a 150 amp service.

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