How do I find my Windows Part Number?

Finding the Manufacturer's Name On Your Window
The easiest way to immediately identify a window is by locating the name of the manufacturer itself on the product. Some companies, like Acorn, Caradco and Hurd, stamp their name on the window hardware—this would generally be on the handles, sash locks or other hardware.

What does AAMA stand for Windows?

There is also a third symbol of window excellence: the certification from American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Only some window companies take the AAMA Certification, and Abby Windows and Exteriors is one of them.May 3, 2019

How do I identify a window sash?

Sometimes homeowners have a hard time identifying which part of the window is the sash. To find the sash on a standard double-hung or single hung window, look at the wooden, aluminum or vinyl casing around the glass. This casing will be stuck in the window frame and will cling to the window frame on tracks.

How do I identify my door manufacturer?

Sometimes, manufacturers will also print their name on the top or bottom of the door (the part that's parallel with the floor and ceiling). If you have sliding glass doors, the label could be a stamped logo rather than a sticker somewhere near the top or bottom of the frame.Oct 25, 2021

How can you tell what type of glass you have?

Examine Its Edges

Normally, tempered glass has completely smooth edges due to the extra processing it goes through, while other types of glass usually have scuffed or ridged edges. If the edges of the glass are exposed, run your fingers along them.
Jul 28, 2016

What is an AAMA rating?

AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. An AAMA rating for fenestration is the standard for replacement windows and doors in Chicago by which companies products are accreted. The AAMA rating uses “Performance Grade” as a measurement rating.

How do you read AAMA labels?

To locate the manufacturer, look for the Manufacturer's Code where it says “MFR CODE” or “CODE.” This code can be found below the word "Program", where is says "AAMA Certification Program." The code will be a sequence of two or three letters, a hyphen and a number (i.e.; AB-1).

How can I tell if my windows are milgard?

In the top right or left corner of the glass in between the two panes on the metal spacer there will be a series of numbers. Usually five to eight digits, followed by a decimal and three digits. You'll need to have this number ready when speaking with a Milgard representative at 1-800-MILGARD or 28, 2012

How do I contact milgard Windows?

If you prefer to speak with us directly, please call 1.800. MILGARD (1.800. 645.4273). If you need to request service, please submit an online service request form that goes directly to our customer care team.

How can I identify a window manufacturer?

  • How to Identify a Replacement Window Manufacturer Look for Identifying Details. Inspect the window that you need to replace. ... Note the Window Style. Identify what type of window you are replacing since different manufacturers make different types of windows. Visit a Local Window Supplier. ... Purchase the Right Window for the Job. ...

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image-How do I find my Windows Part Number?

Who are the major window manufacturers?

  • Andersen, Marvin, and Pella are the major window manufacturers in the industry, however companies such as Simonton and Jeld Wen are close competitors. Use these profiles to compare factory windows by window manufacturers brand.


What is window and door Manufacturers Association?

  • The Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association. The Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association, also abbreviated as CWDMA, is the largest and the most widely known trade association related to the construction and architecture sector.

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