How do I get my apple tree to bear fruit?

Answer: The lack of fruit is likely due to the absence of flowers, poor pollination, or low temperatures during bloom. The lack of flowers is often due to the age of the tree. After planting, most dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees don't flower and bear fruit for 3 to 5 years.

Do apple trees bear fruit every year?

Many species of apple tree will produce fruit every year -- provided they're grown in the right conditions and don't sustain any damage. The low water content means the tree can't produce a large crop, leading to too many flower buds the next year.Mar 5, 2011

Why did my apple tree not bloom this year?

Apple trees that don't bloom may also be planted in the incorrect location or have inadequate conditions in their immediate environment. ... Improper planting location can also cause an apple tree to be bloom-free. Apples require full sun, so planting in a location that receives partial shade could hinder processes.Dec 14, 2018

Why are my fruit trees not fruiting?

There are many reasons for a lack of a fruit crop, such as frost damage, poor pollination, competition with other crops for nutrients, inadequate sun exposure and more. A fourth reason fruit trees don't bear fruit is the effect from last year's crop. Fruit trees form their flowers the previous growing season.Jul 10, 2020

Do you need 2 apple trees to produce fruit?

Answer: Pollination and fertilization are necessary for fruit development. ... Plant at least two different apple tree varieties within 50 feet of one another for good fruit set. Some apple varieties, such as Golden Delicious, will produce a crop without cross-pollination from a second variety.

Why does my apple tree only fruit every other year?

Apart from varieties that fruit every other year naturally, biennial fruiting is usually provoked when a fruit tree does not get enough water or is undernourished. The other common reason is that a heavy frost in spring can make the blossom unviable.

What is the lifespan of apple tree?

How long do apple trees live? The average healthy and well cared apple tree can live from 50 to 80 years. However, there are striking exceptions to this rule. Some apple trees have been reported to live for more than a century.Jun 12, 2017

Why does my apple tree have small apples?

If fruit tree blossoms aren't thinned prior to opening, up to 90 percent of the small, hard fruit that develops right after pollination will eventually be shed from the tree. ... These fruits continue to develop and may remain on the tree throughout the growing season, eventually ripening into seriously small fruits.Nov 16, 2020

When should I fertilize my apple tree?

The best time to fertilize an apple tree is in the fall once the leaves have dropped. If you are fertilizing apple trees with a 10-10-10, spread at the rate of one pound per inch (5 cm.) of trunk diameter measured one foot (30 cm.) from the ground up.Nov 18, 2020

What month do apple trees bloom?

Apple blossoms typically bloom anywhere from early spring to late summer. The earlier apple varieties like McIntosh, Gala, Honeycrisp and Fuji would be the first ones you see, and the later varieties like Macoun, Mutsu and Pink Lady will blossom later on in the summer.May 30, 2018

image-How do I get my apple tree to bear fruit?
image-How do I get my apple tree to bear fruit?

At what age do apple trees produce fruit?

Dwarf apple trees will start bearing fruit 2 to 3 years after planting. Standard size trees can take up to 8 years to bear fruit. Some varieties are more susceptible to insect and disease damage than others. Prune annually to keep apple trees healthy and productive.


What do you fertilize apple trees with?

Fertilizer Ingredients

Apple trees require nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium -- the three numbers on fertilizer bags -- as well as various trace minerals. For home growers, fertilizers should have a higher nitrogen ratio to fuel healthy growth. Common granular 20-10-10 fertilizer is suitable for apples.


Why does my apple tree not produce fruit?

  • If your apple tree is healthy but does not set fruit, it could be due to climate issues. Fruit trees require a period of cold weather to end dormancy and encourage spring budding. If the winter is mild, growth will be slow and the blooming period extended. This makes the tree susceptible to frost damage, which influences fruit production.


What causes apple trees to not blossom?

  • Errors in pruning are one of the main reasons an apple tree does not bloom. When done properly, pruning allows the tree to keep its shape and size as well as allow for a greater amount of light to penetrate into the depths of the tree's canopy.


What do apple trees have inedible apples?

  • What Apple Trees Have Inedible Apples? Apple Maggots. According to Washington State University, apple maggots render the fruit of trees they infest inedible. Hedge Apples. The 4- to 6-inch wide fruits called hedge apples actually come from the osage orange. ... Apples Grown From Seeds. Gardeners always purchase apple trees grown from grafts if they want to eat the fruit. ... European Crab Apples. ...


How soon will my apple tree produce fruit?

  • Dwarf Rootstock. A dwarf tree will begin producing fruit two to three years after you plant it. ...
  • Semi-Dwarf Rootstock. Semi-dwarf apple trees begin producing fruit two to four years after transplanting in the garden. ...
  • Standard Rootstock. ...
  • Grown From Seed. ...
  • Apple Tree Planting. ...
  • Apple Tree Care. ...

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