How do you measure AMP?

How do you measure milliamps in a circuit?

  • Connect or hold the black lead to the "downstream" portion of the circuit. Now, restore power to the circuit. The display should show a number. If it starts with a whole number, from 1 to 10, you're measuring amps. If it starts with a zero and a decimal point, you're measuring milliamps.

How do I check the amperage of my power supply?

  • Connect the positive probe in the outlet marked ‘Amp.’ There are many ports to plug in the red probe. However, the socket marked ‘Amp’ will give amperage readings. The port can have a label of “10Amp,” which measures amperage of up to 10 amps, or “mA” which measures up to 300m amps.

How do you read an amp symbol on a multimeter?

  • The amp symbol on your multimeter is an uppercase A. Milliamps and microamps are indicated by the abbreviations mA and µA, respectively. Your meter likely has a dial that selects different functions from testing AC and DC voltage to continuity and resistance.

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