Is mattress pad needed?

Do mattress pads help?

  • If you want a protection for your mattress against liquid spills, wear, and tear, then a mattress pad is helpful. Also, mattress pads can help you achieve comfort while sleeping. They can also help protect you from allergens and bed bugs.

What are mattress pads?

  • Mattress Pad. What it is: A mattress pad is a thin piece of quilted material that covers the surface of your mattress, usually under a fitted sheet. A pad is secured with elastic corner straps or a skirt of fabric, also lined with elastic.

What are the different sizes of heated mattress pads?What are the different sizes of heated mattress pads?

The Company Store Quilted Heated Mattress Pad is machine-washable. It comes in four standard sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. The queen and king sizes include two temperature controls so that partners sharing the same bed can individually control the heat setting on their side of the bed.

How big is a king size round mattress?How big is a king size round mattress?

The basic King size round mattress is 96” or 9 ft. around. There aren’t a whole lot of round bed frames out there so typically round mattress is made to fit a custom bed frame .

What kind of cover do I need for a round mattress?What kind of cover do I need for a round mattress?

Any custom size round mattress can have either a flat cotton or flat bamboo cover. For bed mattresses that measure 84” or smaller there are two additional mattress cover types available. The size of the material makes Organic Cotton Pillow Top and Bamboo Quilted only available on these smaller sizes.

How big does a bamboo mattress pad need to be?How big does a bamboo mattress pad need to be?

The Bamboo Mattress Pad has a fairly thin profile, so it won’t drastically change the feel of your sleep surface, but the pad excels at temperature regulation. The elasticated corners are designed to fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick, a range that includes the vast majority of beds sold today.

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