Is Zamioculcas zamifolia poisonous to humans?

The Zamioculcas Zamifolia, aka ZZ Plant, is one of those “tough as nails” houseplants that can survive just about anywhere, even in extremely low light. Unfortunately, it also happens to make the list of poisonous houseplants, and all parts of the plant are considered toxic to humans and pets.Mar 27, 2017

Is ZZ plant poisonous to pets?

  • ZZ plant is poisonous to pets and humans. However, it will not seriously harm you or your furry friends. The majority of things you have maybe heard about the plant are blown out of proportion. A rumor that ZZ plants cause cancer started making rounds in the 2010s, but that information is also not accurate.

How do you take care of a Zamioculcas zamiifolia?

  • Too much water and too much sun are the two conditions most dangerous to Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Plant it in a clay pot set on a tray of pebbles rather than a plastic pot, which might retain too much moisture. Let the plant dry out between waterings; a thorough watering every seven to 14 days should suffice.

Is zamioculas zamiifolia easy to grow?

  • Zamioculas zamiifolia or the ZZ plant is an absolute must-have for indoor gardeners. You can see its gorgeous green leaves in the majority of Instagram posts showcasing houseplant collections. Native to Africa, the ZZ plant is easy to maintain. It will thrive in low light conditions and is drought tolerant.

image-Is Zamioculcas zamifolia poisonous to humans?
image-Is Zamioculcas zamifolia poisonous to humans?
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