What attracts paper wasp?

In the late winter and early spring, wasps are attracted to protein bait, such as liverwurst, fish, or partially cooked hamburger, etc. Pet food is not a good choice, because the wasps will lose interest in it in a few days.

What is the best bait for Wasps?

  • In spring, summer and autumn, wasps are more attracted to sweet, sugary food sources. Apples, grapes, sugar and vinegar water are effective at attracting wasps during these warm months. Homemade bait lures wasps to traps, where the wasps drown.

What is the best bait for a hornet trap?

  • Root beer, fruit juices, sugar water, and colas all make excellent liquid wasp trap baits. The wasps will smell the sugar and come right for it as quick as they can. You can also use diluted jams, jellies, and fruits to make effective liquid bait.

image-What attracts paper wasp?
image-What attracts paper wasp?
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