What can I do with plastic bag yarn?

Can you knit with plastic bags?

You can make almost anything with plastic grocery bag yarn. As with any new knitting technique, it's a good idea to start with something simple. Try some of the following resources for great plastic bag knitting patterns: Cool Knits has a pattern for a red and white tote bag.

What is Plarn?

PLastic + yARN, plarn, is what is used to knit or crochet re-purposed plastic shopping bags in to sleeping mats. These mats can be used by unsheltered homeless individuals to provide a waterproof barrier for sleeping on the ground. This is not a new concept worldwide but new to LTHC.

Are beads made out of plastic?

Beads can be made of many different materials. ... In modern manufacturing, the most common bead materials are wood, plastic, glass, metal, and stone.

image-What can I do with plastic bag yarn?
image-What can I do with plastic bag yarn?
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