What colors are used in a modern house?

Although Pantone has named Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue as the top colors for 2016, paint companies and interior designers are pointing to classic shades of white, gray and black this year.Jun 16, 2016

What is the color palette for a transitional home?

  • This transitional home takes a cue from its woodland setting with a cool color palette. Syncing up with nature's tones is a sure way to evoke sensations of a calm and serene abode. A green-gray palette establishes an earthy color palette while the creamy white trim highlights the home’s dimensions with contrast.

What's new in interior design for 2016?

  • This new direction in design is raising the bar to create interiors that are appealing to a design-savvy, yet sensory-deprived society. Our 2016 Trends address the importance of color in constructing stimulating environments.

What color should I paint my house exterior?

  • If your home's architecture has an unconventional look — like this Fixer Upper country-style home — paint the exterior crisp, clean white. Keep it simple by highlighting with a few natural accents. This Spanish-style stucco home mixes dark red with light brown to elegantly blend in with its surroundings.

image-What colors are used in a modern house?
image-What colors are used in a modern house?
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