What is a low-eave awning?

Is a retractable patio awning right for You?

  • They’re ideal for large areas like decks or patios. A retractable patio awning or retractable sunshade offers the luxury of providing shade or full sun depending on your personal preference. If you don’t have a built-in patio roof, an awning or deck cover is the perfect solution.

What type of awning should I buy?

  • Fixed metal awnings are designed to withstand heavy rain and snow loads. Fixed models are budget-friendly and can be easily installed using basic do-it-yourself skills. If you need a cover that can be pulled in for storms or high wind and extended in nice weather, choose from a manual or mechanical retractable awning like a fabric awning.

What are the advantages of window awnings?

  • Awnings, whether window awnings, patio awnings or door awnings, offer style and function. They can help lower household energy costs by blocking the sun's heat, and they can protect doors, windows and outdoor furniture from sun, snow or rain damage.

image-What is a low-eave awning?
image-What is a low-eave awning?
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