Why choose optiwood?

Does optiwood offer waterproof wood flooring?

  • Please confirm your store for product and service availability. When only the natural beauty and warmth of real hardwood will do, OptiWood provides waterproof wood with vinyl rigid core flooring solutions for the home or office.

Is Opti-wood moisture resistant?

  • “When coupled with Wellmade’s proprietary surface treatment and adhesive application process, Opti-Wood is among the industry’s most moisture-resistant natural wood and bamboo products currently on the market.”

Is Opti-Wood ready for the retail masses?

  • Developed more than a year ago and initially sold through a large retailer on a private-label basis, Opti-Wood is now being offered to the masses. Wellmade, which is prepping the line for an expanded launch at Surfaces, says retailers will be pleased.

image-Why choose optiwood?
image-Why choose optiwood?
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